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Collection Services

Lancaster Radiology Associates, Ltd. (LRA) has been pleased to partner with The Credit Bureau of Lancaster for over 20 years. We appreciate having a quality, local collection agency here in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Credit Bureau of Lancaster has helped LRA collect overdue balances for many years. Our patients are treated with respect as well as our employees who work with the Credit Bureau’s collection representatives.

CBOL’s employees are well-trained and professional. We appreciate their willingness to help find electronic solutions to make our information transfers and communications rapid and secure. As a large radiology practice, we bill over 400,000 procedures in a year’s time. We use CBOL’s secure website to download and transfer our collection files. In addition, we can contact the Credit Bureau staff via secure email. This allows my staff to handle collection account inquiries quickly and securely.

Lancaster Radiology is very satisfied with the services that we receive from the Credit Bureau of Lancaster. Our relationship is strong today due to the personalized service that we receive from Donna Nicholson Stief and her staff. We look forward to many more years as a Credit Bureau of Lancaster client.

Lancaster Radiology Associates, Ltd.


West Lampeter Township has utilized the services of the Credit Bureau to collect delinquent refuse and recycling invoices since 2002. The Credit Bureau of Lancaster County, Inc. staff is fantastic! They all are very helpful, pleasant and patient, from the top executive down the line to the posting clerks. It’s their commitment to customer service to which a situation or problem is addressed and solved quickly and fairly. They help produce a higher rate of collection the Township could not achieve alone. I highly recommend the Credit Bureau to those businesses which may be considering contracting their services to collect outstanding debts. Working with the Credit Bureau of Lancaster County, Inc. staff has greatly reduced, and continues to reduce my stress level in dealing with the often difficult job of collecting delinquent accounts.

West Lampeter Township


We have a great working relationship with the Credit Bureau of Lancaster County. We are treated as individuals and our business needs are always treated as priority. The staff is friendly, helpful and courteous. Suggestions made for our benefit have proven to be a great asset. We do not hesitate to recommend the services provided by the Credit Bureau of Lancaster County. It has made our job a lot easier.

Dermatology Physicians Inc.


This is just a note to comment on the service(s) provided by the Credit Bureau of Lancaster. We have used the Credit Bureau of Lancaster for many years now. We have been and continue to be very pleased with their collection service. Their representatives are professional, friendly, knowledgeable and best of all, ALWAYS willing to help! Our working relationship with CBL has always been easy, and we enjoy the simplicity of the reporting mechanisms (no complicated forms to fill out!). They have been able to consistently collect on accounts that we felt would be difficult. Their “service” is well worth the fee. We would recommend them highly to other businesses!

Appel & Yost LLP


Prior to our use of the services of Credit Bureau of Lancaster County, Inc., our office had tried numerous other collection services that promised results. All of them failed to collect any of the monies due from our clients. We have been pleased with our association with your office. You have been successful in arranging payment on our accounts in most situations. While we would prefer not to need the services of collection service, this is probably unavoidable and we’re glad you are there when we need assistance.

Ruhl Insurance

Employment Screening

Since switching from our previous vendor to Credit Bureau of Lancaster, our turnaround time for credit and criminal checks has decreased by about 65%, resulting in a quicker on-boarding for our candidates. This is especially helpful to us since turnover has peaks and valleys for a number of reasons, and there may be times when we have to expedite hiring. Let me also say that not only is timeliness of your service much better than others, total cost for your services is nearly 60% cheaper than our previous vendor and, your customer service is excellent.

Thanks much for your great work.

Amelia’s Grocery Outlet, LLC


We found the Credit Bureau of Lancaster County to be the most responsive and easiest background check service to use.

Personnel Performance


Tenant Screening

We have been using the Tenant Screening service from the Credit Bureau of Lancaster County for several years and find it invaluable. As we do not have the time to individually screen each applicant and make calls regarding employment and prior tenancy, the service for that reason alone is worth the price of each report. But more importantly anyone who leases residential space knows that, however unfortunate it may be, some prospective tenants are not as forthcoming with the type of information that a landlord needs to make a sensible decision. The Credit / Criminal Record / Landlord Reference / Employment Report has become indispensable in sifting through the numerous candidates and helping to find tenants with solid records. I would, without reservation, recommend that any landlord utilize the Tenant Screening service from the Credit Bureau of Lancaster County for the purpose of screening potential tenants. Additionally, I would be happy to personally discuss our experience with anyone who may have additional questions or concerns about this service.

Hartman Underhill & Brubaker LLP


The Loan Solution

The Loan Solution has made our loan request decisions a lot faster. Being a credit union, we are all about service. We can provide much faster answers to our members and can, therefore, close on their loans sooner. We know the information that is provided is accurate and reliable. The reports are professional and neat, and the quick turnaround time meets our needs.

Wheatland Federal Credit Union


We are very pleased with the service we receive from the Credit Bureau of Lancaster County. Our requests are processed in a timely manner. If issues arise, their staff is easily accessible & always responds to e-mails and phone calls quickly. The reports are reliable and accurate. The Credit Bureau of Lancaster County always does their best to assist us and we appreciate their service.

Union Community Bank


Business Credit Report Services

Our company values the information that is pulled from Experian reports as this information is vital when establishing new account terms. With our customer base, we especially find the Business Owner Reports useful. These reports help us to assess payment patterns & allow us to see if potential customers have personal bankruptcy, delinquent or collection history. Any customer can give us a couple of good references, but, credit reports are non-biased and are definitely an invaluable tool for us. They help set the pace for positive payment trends and get our customers off to a good start!

Dutch Valley Foods


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